Leaping Deer in the News
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Leaping Deer in the News!

Read what our local media has to say about Leaping Deer ...
Diversification and value-added farm products have always loomed large in Don and Julie Budd's agricultural pursuits.  Read More
Leaping Deere Legends raised $500 for each of the three hospitals in Oxford County during its annual spook nights.  Read More
Letter received from Paul Holbrough, Oxford County Warden to congratulate Leaping Deere Legends on their contribution to agriculture.  Read More
Some artists choose water colour or oil for their medium. At Leaping Deere Legends, they use corn.  Read More
In appreciation of Leaping Deere Legends' valuable contribution to the Ontario Police College 5th Annual Car Rally.  Read More
Don and Julie Budd say their corn field is their artistic canvas, and this is their creation for this year, a corn maze.   Read More