Leaping Deer in the News
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Leaping Deer in the News!

Read what our local media has to say about Leaping Deer ...
A big bouquet to Leaping Deere Legends just outside of Ingersoll. My fiancé and I were trying to find something fun to do this gloomy weekend. We were researching and came across Leaping Deere Legends. We found out that it was doggy friendly ....  Read More
Recently I had the pleasure of meeting a unique family, namely Julie, Don, their son Chris and Don's mother Mildred Budd of Leaping Deere Legends, located between Woodstock and Ingersoll on Clarke Road.  Read More
This year's corn maze at Leaping Deere Legends near Ingersoll takes the shape of a cornucopia.  Read More
Leaping Deere Legends hosted a Savour & Session where staff from FarmGate Markets served up simple meals in minutes.  Read More
Leaping Deere Legends receives an Honourable Mention from the Canadian International Farm Show for being nominated as Small Producer of the Year.  Read More
If pig races bring you more excitement than this year's Olympics, then Leaping Deere Legends is the place to be.  Read More