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How to Order

Please note, we will be opening Easter Saturday April 8, 2023 through to Thanksgiving October 7, 2023. Our shop will be restocked once a month - check our Google Calendar for dates we plan to be open. The week prior to being open, bakery Items will be displayed below from Sunday until Thursday at 6 pm. Your order will be ready to pick up on the Saturday of that same week between 10am. and 4pm.   

Our online ordering process has never been easier.

  • Select an item, the variety where applicable, number of the item you'd like to order, and click Add to Cart
  • Continue shopping or click Show Cart to proceed to the checkout.
  • Choose a payment option and click on Check out Now. Provide your billing details and select save.
  • Once your order is placed, you will receive an email confirming your order.