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Leaping Deer in the News!

Some artists choose water colour or oil for their medium. At Leaping Deere Legends, they use corn.  Read More
Julie Budd doesn't mind turning a few heads to promote food grown in Oxford County, Ontario and Canada. The shopping cart is painted John Deere green and tractor wheels have the trademark yellow centres. Budd plans to use the cart at local grocery stores and markets to promote locally-grown food and to hand out discount coupons for the corn maze the Budds have on their farm.  Read More
Julie Budd of Leaping Deere Legends presents Diane Werby of the Building the Vision campaign with a $500 cheque towards the Woodstock hospital's fundraising campaign.  Read More
Get lost in over 10 acres of corn, wandering to and fro, trying to find a way out of Leaping Deere Legends corn maze at Budhaven Farms on Clarke Road.  Read More
Don and Julie Budd are gearing up for another season of fun on the farm after unveiling the design of their 2007 corn maze on Friday.  Read More