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Leaping Deer in the News!

LD-MazeReprinted with permission:
Jim Fox, One Tank Trips

"Hello, 911? We're stuck in a corn maze . . . it's really dark and we've got a three-week-old."
That was an actual call to police in Massachusetts from a young couple with two children who were rescued after failing to navigate their way through the maze as night fell.

logo gfo smallThe first step to launching an agri-tourism business is realizing the general public is going to want to visit during the nicest times of the year, which will likely coincide with the busiest times of the grain growing season. After that, there are a lot of planning and details to consider. However, many have found the rewards of an on-farm business – including the opportunity to learn new skills and knowledge, to create something unique involving the whole family, and to diversify your income – can be tremendous.

Region's cornfields packed with fun activities for fall
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Premiers_AwardWhen the Budd family was looking at expanding their agri-tourism business, they wanted to make sure it would be available to everyone, including people with diverse mobility needs. Budhaven Farms now features a corn maze, farm animals, nature trails and more all made accessible in various ways, such as tie-downs on the wagons for wheelchairs or scooters, and wide, well-groomed paths through the maze.

medalCongratulations Julie! As a Difference Maker in the Rick Hansen 25th Anniversary Relay you have been a part of a historic Canadian journey. From one man in motion, 7,000 Medal-Bearers have shown this country what is possible for the next 25 years and beyond.
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